10 things you can do to give your business a boost this New Year

1) Update your website. Especially your About Us, Services/Projects and Press sections.

2) Update your LinkedIn profile. It matters even if you are a business owner.

3) Work on a marketing calendar for the year. Plan ahead for vacation times and make sure things are ready in advance.

4) Revisit your customer engagement strategy. Do you send them regular newsletters? Do you reply to each mail and message?

5) If you are the brand, invest in a professional photoshoot. Update your website and social media profiles with the fab new pictures.

6) If your business is only offline, work on creating an effective digital presence. If your business is majorly online, work on local outreach and networking. In the current times, being only online or offline isn't viable anymore.

7) Plan to delegate more this year. Focus your time on what gives you the best business returns.

8) Like in other things in life, Don't Sweat The Small Stuff.

9) Plan for vacation times all through the year. Do this…

6 simple tips to write better marketing copy.

Avoid jargonMake the sentences shorterUse the simpler, more common forms of words wherever possible Assume your reader knows nothing about your industry or its terminologyKnow they are really pressed for time and have short attention spans when onlineMake it as easy as possible for them to understand what you do and why should they buy your product/pay for your service.

Always remember: The purpose of writing is to communicate, not complicate.

How to make a visitor to your website leave within 10 seconds.Or 10 things that will make sure your website is a disaster.

Warning: Acerbic criticism and sporadic vitriol ahead. Continue reading at your own risk.

Keep showing popups - sales pitches, scratch cards, anything that'll help make your website look spammy.Block content and rudely keep insisting on signing up for a newsletter or something similar designed to capture data and haunt the poor soul later through emails and text messages. Don't give them a chance to take a look around and decide for themselves if they really want to hear from you.

3 steps to choose a name for your business or project.

How to name a business or project - 3 simple and essential steps. 

Choose the business name wisely. It's something that can mean the difference between an easy to recall brand name with a matching custom domain, or something that can sabotage your business.First think of the core spirit behind the business/project/initiative and what you want to do/achieve with it. Write down a bunch of words that come to your mind.

Copywriting is about powerful words. Not copious content.

People think copywriting is about writing flowery words. It isn't. Copywriting is most effective when it uses potent and powerful words to convey why and how the product or service can make a difference to someone's life. Copywriting is all about more quality, less quantity. It's about using fewer words to convey much more, sometimes conveying entire concepts and vision in a bunch of words.

Many do not realize that the world's most remembered slogans, marketing campaigns and brand identities have copywriting to thank for.

Failcon - A Unique Conference for Startups, Comes to Bangalore

80% of Startups Fail. Does it mean the rest of them, the 20%, never failed? No. It just means that the startups that survived and thrived had founders who understood the real nature of failing, that failing is just a part of the process to succeed. They knew, or learnt, how to not just cope with mistakes and fails, but also use the experience as a strength. They figured out how to leverage failing, rather than letting it weigh them down.

Failcon is an international conference that celebrates just this fact. It is a conference for startup founders to study their own and others' failures and prepare for success.

Time to give failure a makeover?
The people involved in Failcon believe that it's time failure is given its due credit. In a world that it totally enamored by success and constant repetition and references to success stories, it's no wonder that failure is a taboo topic. The founders of Failcon are hoping to change that, to quote them, one city at a time.

This uniqu…

5 tips to increase engagement on your Facebook brand page.

How to make your Facebook brand page make a real impact for your business? It could be getting more people to visit your website or your blog. It could be that you want more people to know about what you do (services) or what you make (products).

Whether you want more likes, shares or leads, building up a following is going to take time. While you try to do that, is your current Facebook audience (fans) engaged?

You can measure the engagement level of your Facebook posts easily with the help of Facebook insights. If you are not happy with the numbers that you see there, fret not. I have a few tips to help you make things better.