Copywriting is about powerful words. Not copious content.

People think copywriting is about writing flowery words. It isn't. Copywriting is most effective when it uses potent and powerful words to convey why and how the product or service can make a difference to someone's life. Copywriting is all about more quality, less quantity. It's about using fewer words to convey much more, sometimes conveying entire concepts and vision in a bunch of words.  

Many do not realize that the world's most remembered slogans, marketing campaigns and brand identities have copywriting to thank for. Even speeches and campaigns for causes need powerful words and slogans to be remembered and acted upon, while the cause itself is powerful. Now, imagine how much more challenging it is to try and make people remember a commercial brand, making it memorable in this hyper-busy world where it has become difficult to remember one's first cousin's birthday? So the next time you see an advertisement or a slogan that you love, or even a memorable page of text, give a moment to appreciate the (mostly invisible, uncredited) copywriter behind it.
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5 tips to increase engagement on your Facebook brand page.

How to make your Facebook brand page make a real impact for your business? It could be getting more people to visit your website or your blog. It could be that you want more people to know about what you do (services) or what you make (products).

Whether you want more likes, shares or leads, building up a following is going to take time. While you try to do that, is your current Facebook audience (fans) engaged?

You can measure the engagement level of your Facebook posts easily with the help of Facebook insights. If you are not happy with the numbers that you see there, fret not. I have a few tips to help you make things better.

5 tips to increase your Facebook Fan Page engagement:

Here are the 5 tips to increase your Facebook Fan Page engagement:

  1. Post interesting, engaging pictures frequently: Relevant images are a great way to increase engagement. Just don't overdo motivational stuff. Keep your pictures relevant to your brand image and messaging. 
  2. Create opportunities to engage: Ask questions, invite participation, and try to genuinely interact with your Facebook Fans. When you actually try to have conversations, you'll see your Facebook engagement levels improve. 
  3. Tell your Facebook fans why they should care: While the meaning and purpose of your services and products might be quite obvious to you, it might not be the same to others who are busy with other things in their life. Make it easy for your audience to understand what is it that you offer and how they would benefit out of your service or product. 
  4. Keep the content relevant to your brand, but don't talk about your business in every post: Try a good mix of useful, interesting posts that link back to what you do. While it's a total no-no to hard-sell in every post, be sure to keep your non-promotional posts consistent with your brand. 
  5. Leverage Facebook Insights: I say this quite often, and for a good reason. You can improve only what you can measure. So, make the most out of Facebook insights. See what's working with your Facebook fans. Try to replicate the success. But don't do exactly the same thing. Even the best stuff can get boring when repeated. 
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