3 steps to choose a name for your business or project.

How to name a business or project - 3 simple and essential steps. 

Choose the business name wisely. It's something that can mean the difference between an easy to recall brand name with a matching custom domain, or something that can sabotage your business.

1) First think of the core spirit behind the business/project/initiative and what you want to do/achieve with it.
2) Write down a bunch of words that come to your mind.

3) After that, brainstorm combinations with people involved. Get creative, use ethnic words too.

From this point, the naming process becomes art and creation. A creative name does run the risk of having an unwanted meaning in a different language. Or a negative connotation. Test the name before launching to a larger audience. Large companies spend good money on testing this out, but you can at least check with your online friends and groups.

As a last step, check out if the domain name is available before you zero-in on the name, especially if the initiative is going to have its own website.

Hope this article has helped you in naming your brand new business/ project. All the best! 

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