Copywriting is about powerful words. Not copious content.

People think copywriting is about writing flowery words. It isn't. Copywriting is most effective when it uses potent and powerful words to convey why and how the product or service can make a difference to someone's life. Copywriting is all about more quality, less quantity. It's about using fewer words to convey much more, sometimes conveying entire concepts and vision in a bunch of words.

Many do not realize that the world's most remembered slogans, marketing campaigns and brand identities have copywriting to thank for.
Even speeches and campaigns for causes need powerful words and slogans to be remembered and acted upon, while the cause itself is powerful. Now, imagine how much more challenging it is to try and make people remember a commercial brand, making it memorable in this hyper-busy world where it has become difficult to remember one's first cousin's birthday? So the next time you see an advertisement or a slogan that you love, or even a memorable page of text, give a moment to appreciate the (mostly invisible, uncredited) copywriter behind it.