- Are a growing brand looking for help with your website and/or online marketing requirements.
- Value quality and integrity.


- I am a Bangalore based online marketing consultant with 15 years of experience in the digital space.

- I have helped multiple businesses achieve their online presence goals, whether it is through creating an effective and responsive website, developing a stunning e-commerce store, or by getting enough organic traffic from Google to double their sales in a year.

- I have mostly worked with small and and medium sized businesses, and I understand the opportunities and challenges involved in being a growing brand. My services and packages are customized to work best for a business just like yours.

How can YOU hire ME? 

- As a consultant for one time projects.
- On a monthly retainer for projects that require regular updates, like website management/social media management.
- As an outsourced CMO (Chief Marketing Office) or Digital Technologist, who creates an overarching strategy and guides your existing staff/vendors in executing that strategy.  

Want to know more? Write to me : contact@scriptshaala.com


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