Not one more online marketing agency.

Every business can do more with online marketing. 
Increase reach, clients and revenue. 
Even small businesses. 
Even local businesses like restaurants and crafts stores. 

But there are so many things to do: 
  • Social Media 
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing 
  • Paid advertising: PPC/Adwords 
  • Online stores (E-commerce) 
Each of the above has so many sub-options. So many agencies and freelancers. What's right for your business? Where should you spend your resources first, so that you get the maximum returns? Who will setup and manage all these things? 

It’s not just a huge hassle to find, shortlist and hire so many service providers, it is also going to make your marketing communications fragmented. You are going to spend more time, effort and money and still end up with an online marketing initiative that is all over the place. 

That's where I can help. 

With my across the board expertise in all things online marketing, I will help you get your message across to your target audience, in one voice, with the lowest possible cost. 

I will start by understanding your business, goals and brand image. I will create an overarching online strategy that will work best for your business. I will help with the execution of all the steps. If you are interested, I will teach you how to manage each of the initiatives once they are setup and running. 

And, if you need a mentor, you don't have to look any further. I'd be happy to connect you with other businesses that are good for collaboration and cross-marketing. I will be there if you need a sounding board for your business problems or you are struggling with choices in business strategy. 

I won't be your contractor or agency representative. I am going to be your mentor, guide and business adviser. 

I will help your business get more out of online marketing. Whatever be the business, whatever be the size. 

Sounds good?

Contact us right away, then!

Wishing you success, 
Radhika / ScriptShaala

PS: Even if you need just some of the services, we can talk.