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Google Plus (G+) Basics for Entrepreneurs and SMBs

5 reasons you should have a Google plus page:
G+ is good for your SEO. G+ will help your business to be found on places and maps. G+ is more secure. G+ posts reach a wider audience, via Google search results. G+ is not just a social network to share posts and videos. It’s much more than that.

6 steps to get started on Google Plus:
Create a Google plus profile. Use your name (not business name), and don’t use any special characters. Circle (add) your friends and business associates. Create a business page, using your business name. Add a tagline and fill in the ‘about’ section. Link your website to your G+ business page. Start posting relevant content about your business regularly. 

7 tips to get more out of Google Plus:
Mention people using ‘+’ or ‘@’. Circle people and businesses you know. When posting images or videos, write about them. Add your business to Google Local . Add a Google plus button to your website/blog. Join relevant communities; network. Use the platform to interact, e…